El Terrat: by Quach

July 2018. Moha Quach, chef from the province of Tarragona, entered El Terrat for the first time…this is the space he had chosen to let his knowledge run free; to begin a new stage of maturity without limits, guided only by his restlessness, challenges and values, with zero kilometre cuisine as a flag, and an awareness of the environment, the land and the sea, as an immovable core principle.

El Terrat: by Quach is synonymous with seasonal cuisine and homegrown produce. Here fishermen from El Serrallo, farmers from Camp de Tarragona and ranchers and winemakers from the province are all treated as heroes: after all, without their work, the restaurant kitchen would be empty. Nature marks the seasonality of the creations, and the dishes and menus are adapted to the rhythm of the garden. That’s why Quach set out to preserve sustainability and reduce the use of chemicals.

The restaurant is art, both on the plates and the walls. Painters from the territory accompany diners with their works, which give light and color to the walls of Terrat. The exhibition continues with the arrival of the dishes to the table. Authentic handmade clay and ceramic works of art complement Quach’s gastronomic creations. Local artisans for a kitchen put together in Camp de Tarragona: this is the chef’s proposal.

The diner will receive an elegant, helpful and friendly service, yet somewhat away from the coldness of the more formal established norms. Each visitor is unique and a single proposition does not work for everyone: the waiting staff adapts to each particularity, advises and guides you so that everyone enjoys the experience, as they deserve. The ultimate goal is simple: to achieve excellence through taste, smell, sight, touch and service.