Moha Quach

Moha Quach has understood since an early age that our existence passes by respect for nature. Therefore, he has made Tarragona and its surroundings the most precious supermarket. His family origin, tied to agriculture, livestock farming and fishery, has turned orchard, markets and fish market into places to find inspiration.

Quach’s shy and introverted personality changes when putting on the chef’s coat. He presents a challenging, innovative, tireless and sincere signature cuisine. All this backed by sacrifice, perseverance and loyalty, values of his ancestors that imbue with meaning his way of seeing life. His day-to-day is a continuous gastronomic training and does not contemplate spare time or distractions: he travels with his apron in the suitcase, discovers cities at a stroke of a pan and turns kitchens into his favourite hotel.

Seasonal food is his unshakable pillar, therefore he designs the dishes adapting to the nature’s cycles. Km0 is the starting point and he is in contact with suppliers who are respectful with the environment and the land from el Camp de Tarragona until les Terres de l’Ebre. For this reason, his dishes evoke sacrifice of the peasant from Riudoms and virtuosity of the fisherman from el Serrallo.

Quach’s cuisine does not understand of additives, chemical products or aggressive techniques with the environment. He is convinced that: if that had a place in his stove, he would not have clear conscience. Tarragona has been the city chosen by Quark to make the diners fall in love. On 2018 he revived El Terrat Restaurant, a landmark of Tarragona that is a reference in the city’s gastronomy.